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play, and when the treatment of fractures has become much

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sulting Gycxcologist to tiie Bushwick Hospital, and Presi-

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radio-ulnar extremities are governed by the seat of the

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"Not only," said Dr. Criquelion, standing beside the open grave, "was Hector

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r«MB- Ihcn ididini nicdicini -nul wik ftA.Vmi i>! r*M>t m.

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The following are Dr. Noble's contributions to medical

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office, which, however, she soon gave up to begin teacc

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A last condition that influences the penetrating force is the

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in a majority of cases in the early stages these blanks of con-

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stands higher in the medical profession, or has been more

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he was chosen to proceed to Denmark for the purpose of

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regarding the anatomical condition of the tissues in question, or of the organs

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year, which institution Dr. Markoe had himself opened in December,

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reddish watery matter ; frequent regurgitation of watery blood

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He retired from this position when he resigned his post at St. Luke 's.

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relaxation of throat ; feeling as from a lump, with soreness ;

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able distinctions in his profession. He has not, however, been a physi-

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method may be said to have taken shape and to have developed

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yngological Association, American Laryngological, Rhinological and

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however, that it became evident something different must be

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the medical press upon subjects connected with this branch

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might almost be called simple punctures ; they have a great

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tomers of the pharmacy. Then the brothers sold out, and on closing

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Reclus in the Ho:el-Dieu, I'aris, France, where he ob-

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homceopathically indicated. Suffice it to say that from each

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ging, the entire surface of the body being exposed. Patients not

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hearers, and illustrated his remarks by a large number of culture-

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time of presentation she exhibited a haggard expression of coun-

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ington, D. C. Dr. Octavius Augustus White, father of Dr. John Blake

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As we all know, from the earliest days of medical science up

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are almost always striking, analogous lesions are very exceptional in chronic

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Medical Society refusing consultation with a homoeopath, on the

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and foot were treated, will strengthened, etc. Had seen large

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^ aBiim-.iflUr.i'i^l i.Lic.-.-Kf:tt [iii--iL;i,>iicrt .i, '

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ciation, Medical Association of the Greater City of New York, and of