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In showing that wound treatment is a many-sided problem, science therefore has rendered another great service The practical instruction of soldiers in sanitation should next be considered: midamor. Midamorphine - the laboratory of the Health Department will perform the necessary tests upon all the specimens that are promptly and properly forwarded to it. Saturation of an aqueous solution with ammonium sulphate throws down a sticky resinous portion and when this is removed by filtration, both the precipitate and the filtrate give the proteid reactions. This midamortho is an automatic movement, and indicates that the respiratory centre is receiving an unusual stimulus. On measurement, I found the left upper extremity to be twelye inches from the acromion to the olecranon, and fifteen from that point to potassium the end of the middle finger. The earlier in the attack the patient is put to bed, the more favorable the prognosis. It may safely be online said that in future an examination to determine the presence of Kernig's sign will be of necessity in all doubtful cases of meningitis. Each of these pansporoblasts is a single individual, only a part of the protopla-m is converted into pronunciation spores, the remainder continues to live the formation of large masses.

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In cases under the age of ten, the eruption was not found in about twenty-two per cent., nearly one in four. The nuclei of the leucocytes are stained a clear blue, the eosinophile granules are stained deep red, and the granules in the polymorphonuclear leucocytes, which it will be remembered are not stained with eosin and hematoxylin, are brought out as fine dull-reddish Basophilic granules contained in cells are stained blue; this occurs both in white cells and in some red corpuscles (yahoo).