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function returns after addition of potassium to the
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serious matter, it is advised by some authorities not to make a post-
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In an article entitled “The Bone Bank,” the two doc-
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ously described as having been used in the West. A farm-to- farm
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with hookworms and nodular worms had died out in the eight months
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Kansas Nation or Osage Nation : Provided, That from February 1 to May 5 of each year
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the oesophagus."' Boston Med. and Surg. Joum., 1893,
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for education in improved methods of dairy breeding and feeding and
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cytes 47 per cent, monocytes 4 per cent, and eosinophils
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granulation-tissue infiltration which merged into typical syphilitic gum-
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lateral branches which ramify as delicate arterioles in the upper third
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Removal of the sternimi reveals a small but meaty thymus, an
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partially covered by reports already submitted, and, therefore, a report will not be
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.mil -rlycosiiria become establishe.l, results which are also f.btained !>>
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Red River, those portions of the counties of Oklahoma, Logan, Payne, and Noble lying
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of hospitalization, he was given insulin therapy, nine
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Pedigrees of imported animals, examination by Bureau, note 47
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the removal of litter and bedding the bottoms of the stalls have
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rooms, and only in the presence of a Department employee.
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quantities of the different classes of meat for the exportation of
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XVIII. The Microscopic Structure of Urinary Calculi of Oxalate of Lime. By
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Here you will be received heartily by our Professional Service Representatives
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row. some of them multinucleated with well defined nuclei
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single passage through a white mouse, is a notable instance of the
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cast-iron door. When the cylinder is full and the door bolted a par-
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stored, packed, handled, or prepared. They shall be sufBcient in number, ample In sixe,
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while the exports were exclusively Danish product — thus eliminating
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tho pituitary jk riiiliiUnrisiii lieiriu sooner or later to show tlieiu-
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offenders in this regard. The negative nitrogen balance
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oflF in the respiration of the animal, and the amount of heat which the
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This careftil quantitative estimation of the insular tissue offers a
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the musculature of the valve have been made. In Tandler^s * recent
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of cancer of the large bowel it is important that the
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The above-mentioned changes are shown at a glance in the fol-
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