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While ESSOP was regarded by some as a cost contain-
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Honorable Andrew Maguire is Congressman from the Seventh
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leaves, etc., floating on the water. The habit of Anophelines of backing
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vation six and a half months after the gradual onset of a
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her right leg was two inches shorter than its fellow. Within
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stricture was favorably situated on the sigmoid flexure ; at
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these two years/ he declared likewise in his public lectures,
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Rarely do new issues arise in the socio-economics of
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bules of the blood, as described by Wagner and Nasse.^ But in birds
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the north-east monsoon that Anophelines were taken is inimical to the
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to produce the albuminous precipitate described above, at f.
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But the question has now lost much of its interest, because
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be associated with affection of the framework of the larynx,
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As the completion of auricular systole, its effect is to
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on his back. During the evacuation of the air the heart,
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it passes through three glands, viz. f,gjh. I have seen a
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pulse was 140/minute and irregular; respirations 24/minute;
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of Health, Education and Welfare. 46 Periodic evaluation of
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as a rule, not acting for three weeks, and even a month has
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suppuration in the hepatic region^ but during the four days
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that “in terms of where we are now, it is an understatement
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explanations to put forward other than those advanced by Dr.
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biology, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of
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A3'172 B. MALLEI. — (1) Prepare in a similar way to bacillary
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state. I am not aware of any recorded post-mortem examina-
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rib and below to the umbilicus. It was movable from side to
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upper two thirds of the superficial femoral was in the same
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microscopical observations on the fibres and on the capillaiy
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his not having anticipated me ; and though I had once intended
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specimens. The writer devised a novel method of ridding the area of
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often noticed in patients with sore tongues that cannot be
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surgeons prefer to manage the tip cartilage as the initial step
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colotomy opening, the first opening having contracted to the
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origin of dysfunction in only a small fraction of the many
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to the fact that stimulation of a spot in the cerebral cortex in
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