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who saw them with a wonder which Vesalius himself never enjoyed.
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However difficult it may be to explain such idiosyncrasies there can be
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ence of Dr. Curtin in a Pennsylvania Insane Asylum.
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tions than are really necessary. We believe that four determinations
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D. C chairman said it was gratifying to report that
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Practical Medicine Consulting Physician to the Elwyn
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Apr. Innovative Concepts for Stroke Care Preparing for
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course of a scientific body pursuing its works zealously and honestly
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Thus mucus is almost invariably an evidence of catarrhal conditions
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knowledge of the bacteriology of malaria has been con
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After vertigo symptoms referable to the stomach and heart are most
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Resolved That the Medical Society of the State of New York
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The occurrence of peritonitis without perforation may occur from
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by such illustrious men as Chassaignac Nelaton and even by Bernutz
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planation of the dullness which had been noticed on percussion.
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Acid Oxalic. Digest by the aid of heat part of treacle or of
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