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to terminate on the seventh, eighth, or tenth day of the disease. The
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ever emanate from the brain of an obstetrician. Simpson was
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abandon it before the proper procedure has been sufficiently tried, a
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showed no lesion of organs to account for death. Exhaus-
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point. Another receipt is to dissolve five grains of pancreatin
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from my own experience that alcohol was not directly a food,
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In a paper published in 1798. Edward Jenner, a physician of Glouces-
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to reach the bacilli, for, as external causes of infection go,
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I want to emphasize the importance of making a careful search
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five thousand feet. At the Las Vegas Hot Springs, New
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eruption (the twelfth or thirteenth day of the disease) the pustules begin
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ing from pertussis w^hich is identical '.vith that produced by AfanassiefiF's
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lung, the toxine which it forms slowly kills the tissues and