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flight, it is easy to understand how villages may be entirely ruined and
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cases of enteric fever leucin and tyrosin have been found in the urine.
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function is no.t only essential to growth and development, but also to
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the clearest proof that the nervous system does possess this power, and
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plagues could be traced back, directly or remotely, to Africa, especially
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chemical structure, and that ncAv substances may be built up chemically
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Chemistry and Medical Jurisprudence, by - - - - - Dr. RooKas.
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From the observations of Renon it appears, however, that they are not
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formed by Dr. Hay ward, in the instance of a large tumor *' growing
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This course of the general symptomatology of relapsing fever is then
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plied, as near as possible to the origin of the polypus ; then giving the
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primarily derived from the cells, wandering or fixed, phagocytic or non-
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ducting wires ; an induction coil with one or two separate and larger sized
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disease being treated rather in an exciting than soothing manner, dis-
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chloric acid (1 in 20) ; No. 2, a solution of sodium nitrite in water (i per
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scious of the strong current which it is conveying into the skin.
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The urine may be highly albuminous one day, and two or three days
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to the surface — a view already attributed to Koster. Most observers are
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at the same depth is only 35-6° to 37°. The Strait of Gibraltar is so
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owing to susceptibility to cold or some other reason, the Alps are contra-
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culture is made, and this process is repeated until pure cultures of the
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the sluices for the escape of heat from the surface." In animals it is
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attacked there is visually a falling off of the hair, which, however, soon
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appreciated by medical pupils. We regard the rapid multiplication of
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of whom, from personal knowledge, and of whose official acquirements
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bistoury, etc., should be in readiness if required: a good lamp should
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electrotonic effects of the current are often plain enough ; the application
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fluences of the Climate of Peru on Pulmonary Consumption," Brit, and For. Med. Chir.
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evidence of neuritis; sometimes attacking organs and producing, for
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air contains fewer bacteria than the outside air; but where the sewage
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of cases too slight and indefinite in character to be recognised as pneu-
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short one, in his natural endeavour to pay as little as may be for his
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ravages of the plague. The Sultan proposed the following question —
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nancy have advanced — ergot when the os uteri and external parts are in a
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It is unnecessary now, and will probably be still less needful when
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their origin in the post-anal gut, may be cited as another example ; or
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based upon the results obtained with serum antitoxins in general, and
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also proof against intoxication, an important consideration, as we shall see
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