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alluded to. In addition to the other subjects usually included in a
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one Greek play, and an equivalent amount of Homer, ThuQydides, or Demos-
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We must always be very guarded in making a diagnosis of spinal hemor-
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Loren William Avery, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Neurology.
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controls of three ^fpes of teat as they affect shl^^li^, st«p^, dlstrl^lon'of
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General Course and Prognosis of Neurasthenia. — The course of neuras-
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11. Difficulty in articulation implies disease of the medulla, as does also
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Milton Goldman, S.B., M.D., Assistant in Dermatology.
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of Infectious Diseases, with the Construction of Hospitals temporary
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childish character above mentioned. The mental faculties at first are not
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possible against fresh hemorrhages. Alcohol and excessive bodily or mental
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simultaneous appearance of these various phenomena does really produce a
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to the opinion of most observers, is the primary process, so that the hemor-
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an abnormal increase in the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow —
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Resnick, Herman Alton, a, w, sp, Brooklyn, N.Y. S.B. (U. of Arkansas) '33; S.B.
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waters. These waters stimulate the conversion of the albuminoids, increase
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he named " shaking palsy." It is not of very frequent occurrence, and as yet
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regularly present in every marked case of tabes, are of particular interest.
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underestimated (hysterical facial spasm). At any rate, we may see from
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Candidates who at the commencement of their professional education passed
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The Censor of the College lives within its walls, and to him is oom-
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we usually find many axis cylinders preserved in the
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haps in part as a secondary phenomenon, is often enough affected. The red
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after the restoration of the medullary sheaths. We usually express this fact
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Tubercular Meningitis in Children. — The disease is so prone to attack
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(6) Storage, To Increase its whipping qualities, the mix may be stored {or
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of Meniere's disease can generally be definitely
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are usually certain prodromata. The person begins to " feel badly." Dizziness
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Paul Chesley Hodges, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Roentgenology.
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treatment, the more persevering and careful should we be in our treatment,
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with the industries of Chicago and vicinity for the purpose of training and placing in
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must look for the upper boundary of the disease not simply in the segment
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Treatment. — The treatment of the milder forms of mania is often very
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medicine, a common ground would be afforded. Of course, only the