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to relieve pain and tranquillize the system, a saline purgative, and reme-

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centur3\ In France it is called la grippe. As an epidemic, it is remark-

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participates in the inflammation, and may be seen during life to be enlarged

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five years old, and in daily doses of 22 to 45 grains in chil-

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the accumulation may be going on steadilj^, so that, while the local affec-

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temperature of the body, are often distinguished by the name aniijjyrelic.

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observation. \\ none of the cases which I have observed has perforation

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remedies, is to endeavor to place the digestive organs and the system in

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but without the usual effects. The patient remained feeble ; he

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eolation of iodine ; strong iodine ointment was also applied over

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Among the extremely rare affections of the pulmonary organs belong

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population, are protective against this disease. As regards season, the

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readily be followed by hydrothorax, and, consequently by exten-

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throughout the United States, of our Eastern Office, 96 Maiden

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remedy in this disease, and among its advocates may be num-

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tis ? Scarcely tubular meningitis, since the attack was so sudden

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of knowledge acquired by the student may be increased, yet it

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the close of life, from muscular j^rostration. This variety of bronchitis

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the appearance of decomposed pulmonary tissue in the matter expecto-

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tutional strength. For this olrject the diet should be nutritious ; tonic

can keppra cause weight loss

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of the world, the mortality from this disease exceeds that from any other,

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In this same patient the diuretin proved itself equally

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good results in Bright's disease by the use of the lactate

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As contrasted with the other affections just named, this slow, insidious

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very little blood or serum escaping on section. Under the microscope

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imbibed full of boiling yirgin wax, is a perfect instrument for