Side Effects Of Prednisone In Dogs

fully to atropin. The vision in the right eye was = £; the optic

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from the beginning to absolute recovery occupied four and a half months.

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according to the metallic idiosyncrasy of the hysterical patient.

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Case XLIV Male- child of L. S.,foar months old, light mulatto, was

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ritating, and had to be discontinued. I then ordered

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gave the vessel an extra seal down with the point of his button

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upon which the theory is built will support it ; it would sim-

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To the credit of Dr. DeLee, of Chicago, and Dr. Joseph

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predisposition to its death and all possible variety in

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being, the theory was set forth that probably many diseases

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nor discomfort, excepting as regarded his defective vision.

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compounds are built up. About the chemistry of this protein

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part in the eticlogy of the disease. He also believes

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manageable and in a large per cent, of cases curable. The one remedy

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binuria and ferment intoxication, is to be found in

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final concentration indicated, were recalcLfied with the optimum quantity of

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of ether poisoning. Ether vapor is irritant to the respira-

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jtleanwhile, it is desirable to hazard aa explanation of jess intri-

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occurs. Tuberculin treatment has the great advantage at least of

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matism aflfecting chiefly the lower limbs; patient had been sick for

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theria less pronounced than that of ordinary follicular

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This accorded with Dr. Richardson's own experience, but he would like to ask

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in 5G9, and it soon after invaded Europe. But we have no detail of

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all subsequent cases were much milder in form, more easily

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that his practice has [been to give 20 c.c. (over 5

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opium, it is advised that a catheter of the smallest size, without

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the fact that the continuous hal)it of writing or copying was

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side effects of prednisone in dogs

before our eyes, but sufficiently hidden by clothing to escape notice.

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ilar to those of Dr. Thomson, flthough it is improbable, indeed it is im-

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as death occurs the body should be removed with as little disturbance