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timely discussion of the subject by Edsall.^ It is only by carrying

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Summation of Stimuli in his recent work on psj-chology. It

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downward until the uterus is reached. This procedirre

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Rochester, MN 55905. Phone: 507-284-0532. Fax: 507-284-2509.

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attempted, but the usual division adopted into General and Local Diseases.

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tiiie. Illinois M. J., Springfield, 1899, xli'x. 60-7l!— Siitlei-

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sufficiently restored to resume his trade, which he

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securing closure of the Eustachian tube after a radical mastoid

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Marcet, Dr. W., on muscular and pulmonary tissue in health and in consumption... 22

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pressure is relieved. A probe inserted through the cavity will

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