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Zuli Steremberg, M.D., Medical Resident and Library Lover

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On November 1 another patient in the hospital developed an acute cholera-like

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feeding the cadavers of infected animals. Their results thus agree

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opening enlarged by tearing with the finger ; the child must

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the soft tissues of the supraclavicular spaces were crepitant with infil-

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different kinds of machine work as are done in similar in-

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Bubstances which are soluble in water tend for this reason to

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now put into more permanent form than that in which they first saw

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generally the case. Clinically the diseases are most unlike. There are

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ters described above. Park describes this bacillus as shorter and thicker and

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the manuscript or in the accompanying cover letter.

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are “frozen” beyond repair. For the best results it

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elected to act as Chairman at this Section, was prevented

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animals of the species, whatever their size/' These facts, taken

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into the left chest, were all due to the great hypertrophy of the

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