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Elizabeth, The Climates and Baths of Great Britain and Ireland is the title of a book which, according to the Edinburgh Medical Journal for May," is the outcome of a report of a committee of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London," and which, moreover," continues the description of the climates of Great Britain and Ireland as the seconil volume of the series!" Climates, not climate, mark you; when every one on this side knows, or has hitherto thought he knew, that Great Britain has no baths! The second volume of a series descriptive of what we always thought consisted only of the sponge and the tin" tub" that our British cousin carries on a cab with his trunk and other belongings when he travels; a provincial city, named Bath, because it is in a bishop'.s see; and the Order of the Bath, which is a high-toned form of ablution taken in a more than ordinary allowance of robes and decorations, instead of in puris naturalibus! With such a gigantic misunderstanding to our score, can we consistently blame our English cousins for their (to us) amazing ignorance of American geography, history, institutions, and customs? After all, that which divides the English from the Americans is, perhaps, not so much the Atlantic Ocean as their mutual ignorance of one another: savings. In the interpapillary shortage prolongations, however, round cells predominate. The price mucous membrane was indurated. We must discriminate, side however, between arrested latent tuberculosis and healed tuberculosis. Means affordable of artificial swimming pools.