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coloured by the adhering reticulum ; but the epidermis

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no growth occurring on the surface of solid media or in ordinary fluid

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beat for a few seconds after the cessation of respiration. In some cases

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mycosis fungoides treated by the x-rays. The sycosis cases were

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purchase of expensive equipment, capital expansion, and

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this irritation ascends the nerve and may be cured by the timely excision

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to be effused, the nervous influence necessary for the maintenance

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The diagnosis was tuberculous meningitis, and after the child had

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whisper. There is also increased rapidity of respira-

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These incomplete lesions have an important but still unsettled bearing on

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ture prescribed. I'o the boils various remedies were tried, as endeavoring to

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lese. We very well comprehend the efficacy of the operation, which

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convulsions became epileptic, and one hysterical; 17 of these 23

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around. Patients should be cautioned, however, to keep

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preface states frankl}^ that it is not for beginners, and a considerable

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as is said, 135, gives 1090 for the year of his birth.

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jugating cells are really, as they seem to be, of the same na-

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during a portion of each day, and it is obvious that a regulation on

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centage of fatalities being, however, much the same as in other cases.

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made for glands, but none were found. He directed atten-

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are unnecessary. By their aid we do not accomplish anything which

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original form with the disc attachment he had made two years pre-

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once, and repeat in a few days if necessary. For eats or pet dogs use sol.

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down as a positive one that a dilatation that was car-

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usefulness with all the resources at his disposal. As author and

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of the grizzly bear of California, that, when he gets wounded, he

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Many cases are on record, in which the symptoms have ceased little

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When cracks have appeared, apply a similar lotion with

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suspicious and values greater than 2.2 meg usually are

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Hooker, M. D., declining a re-election, and on motion, Gurdou

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door, the other upon the basis of educational preparation. The

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thought and refined it — one of the highest characteristics

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other side of the Atlatitic are all agreed that what the

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to research the fundamental nature of this particle.

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surgical cleanliness, a germ-free environment, became

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Tomeler,frscioulealet2. Svo. Psris,1868. (7o<(2, $2.20.

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low percentages of hemoglobin. On the contrary, the lowest results

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solution of the organs and the fluids after death. The following- are the princi-

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of their land and that when land is wanted for public purposes, in-

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of either of the two last — 3.x. Prepare and take