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The first, again that of a physician, I leave as he wrote it. He says :
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workhouse has upon epileptics, led to their recommendation that
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mon, with tincture of red sandel or sanders wood. Winter-
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pustules. The disease sometimes commences with a chill, and
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to offer the student of medicine for practical work, I hope to
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17. That obliteration of the vein at the ligated points is due usually to
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to the one and assist the other. In the coach horse, the hackney,
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Italy and America each 6, France 1. These consisted
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pronounced tendency for the mitoses also to be irregular. "We thus
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of blood by coughing, as well as in hemorrhoids and
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that of the hands of a watch. The second case was that of a man,
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tion of smoke-production on a limited area, a local nuisance
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By conjoined manipulation I could grasp the fundus uteri in my
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practice in Algiers. Those physicians with whom I have conversed
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attention should be paid to the examination of the fteces. Their
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him to his injury, he closely cross-questioned the woman and
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The technique which I have adopted in this respect is very
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should be 'made. He said that contact infection was the most
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that a much shorter time would be required for the destruction of
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cells and parasites. They are all new and are the work
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The Pearls of Ether, of Cleutan, in which, by means
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boiling water for more than two hours, and of 95 C. for more than
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is an ansemic cardiac murmur ; while the lungs, lymphatic glands,
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Citric Acid (P. L. 1836.) — Juice of lemons, 4 pints, pre-
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— A cable to the New York Herald from Rio states that a
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breathing deeper and easier. The chief cause of the dyspnoea
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those with low^ shoulders and high rumps, although they
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In Table VI. another very important point is established. In
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I'liiiNiiii. lirilr. /.Ill- iill^. riilli..!.. IH'.ii. xii, p. :i72.
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tion to his heart. II he liad Ixiii advisetl to sto|>
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few, obscure, and unsatisfactory. Of the years before
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He did not masturbate, and had not led a bad life. Then he
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and after their removal a bandage should be kept on for another
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tant factor if a comparison of strengths is to be made. Consequently,
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very fond of licking, and which moreover regulates their