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strual periods. Fourteen years had elapsed since the commencement of the

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About percent of dialysis patients are treated at home

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Despite all we as physicians have the immutable obligation to provide our patients

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the fact that the skull then presented was not that of Swift the

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such as my old Brahmin Moonshie would have ascribed to a state

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I have three times performed this operation on the living subject

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The patient is much agitated with strong emotions and considerably

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It has devolved upon me to open the discussion this

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March d the pain was unusually severe he also complained of dimness

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In view of the above conclusions from experiment it seems

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Micrococcus lanceolatus Streptococctis pyogenes and the pyogenic staphy

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able articulations which were easily broken in the direction of

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litters. Here again some additional risk and care are

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Association held at Toronto on March th. Dr. Hutchings of Mitchell

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as determined by the Dorenuis method so lt hat its casual exam

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point midway between the left anterior superior spine of the

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use of light farinaceous puddings and bread and milk.

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dissected flaps. In order that the cicatrized forehead flap may

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chiropractor claims that as long as the circulation of mental impulses to every

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matter of the liquid stools occurring in diarrhoea.

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tained a small amount of liquid blood its walls were thin

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it breaks down under the sli litesl pressure of the fingers. J he

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venient as the bones can be sufficiently separated to

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had had symptoms for seven years. For the last three weeks

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fullness you will observe is circumscribed to a locality above

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were proven by inoculation of guinea pigs to contain tubercle bacilli.

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Dr. White the day before as a dernier resort had lanced the guits

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the following August when he again returned home to

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description is fairly accurate but there are some ex

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wound. He had not himself been making any experiments with

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