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the fenestra rotunda ; on the contrary, when a loud
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various points into the middle coat of these vessels. Stilling,
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not reprinted, of his Silex Stintillans, with a second
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and officers, and fix the compensation of each, and may enact such by-
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varying in size from that of a pea to an orange, the boundaries of wljf^^'
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moody, depressed, and inaccessible, and at -times violent.
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Either, on the one hand, definite deterioration or disease
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Berlin, Pinard of Paris, and others, while our own State is well rep-
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normal tissues when transplanted to remote parts of the same individual
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Hospital on May 29, 1862, under the care of Dr. Reynolds.
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By manipulation we know that there are a number of new
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Harden CL: New antiepileptic drugs. Neurology 1994; 44:787-95.
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attack of what was presumed to be Texas fever, but with regard to
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ment of intellect during two years that the patient had been under
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Danger of Infection. — Dwellings which are crowded and poorly lighted
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lation ])roduces a secretion in which the water and
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Swelling and Ulceration of Subglottic Region of the Left
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tioned prominences. This appearance lasts only a few weeks : per-
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left lung ; great tenderness on pressure over epigastrium, and left
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in tents, three families — men, women, and children — in
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function of the white blood-corpuscle. From present
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5 Hess, Arch. f. klin. Med., vol. cxiv, Nos. 3 and 4, p. 404.
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factory', an operation is recommended in the following
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which seemed most important to the bench and the bar, to
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which he found very useful. He claimed no special originality in their
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than the cause of pathological changes in the uterus.
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calling-in of a professional man would infallibly lead to discovery, when the
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and kidneys, however, the growth infiltrates the texture of the organs,
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of the sella turcica. Wassermann reaction is negative. The nervous
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that the bleeding from the perineal wound had been not only
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place of the first. In each of his last three years the
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then he has a chance to get acquainted with the work, and that gives
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irksome, and that it permits of but very shght change in position
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which quickly overwhelmed him, and eventually laid liim in an
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It will be found that from the often repeated mounting and dismounting on
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The child being still anaesthetized, the wound was dressed, and be-
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of its occurrence, the time at which it appears, or by its character,
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Etiology. — The disease is due to infection with certain fungi wdiich
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The point of the thumb is then to be applied to the forefinger
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lung may lead to death from hemorrhage. That is why I wanted
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receive .^0 lashes, and to be confined for 168 days. Shortly
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is to stimulate greater individual savings. Economists are
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pare it. Recoveries from shot fractures of bodies of