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reliably represent the influence of heat abstraction upon tissue change."
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slowly passes it outward until the compress becomes dry. But if the
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that nurses understand something of the anatomy and pathol-
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My experience with electricity in this disease, while limited
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100 per cent. The germs come from the atmosphere, where
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the cause, or in some cases the child may appear to be thriving,
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even if it be followed by dilatation of the peripheral vessels, causes
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mucous surface of the lips, inside the cheeks, on the tongue, palate, con-
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or edematous condition of the Avhole face and almost dusky color. This
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a grain of corn in its ear. " Well, gentlemen," he would ask,
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which did not correspond with the increase of the red blood cells.
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posed, and doubtless the cause of the condition is far more
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for one-tenth, probably, of what France exports. Fortu-
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which perhaps represents the sentimental side of the question. This
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first recommending them, but they differ only in degree from
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Bay. The chemical analysis of the pine-apple, edible por-
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in support of this view. Dr. Edward Delafield says, in a paper on
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nicer. Then I said, '" Here is the l)eginning of gastric ulcer. Is
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teristic typhoid symptoms are scanty, and at times even entirely Avanting.
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on the golf links of the Philadelphia Cricket Club, Wissa-
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illustrate the treatment in such cases, and afford an insight into the
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pallid cheek of the factory girl and the store clerk. Though they may
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pseudo-membrane is affected by the nature of the underlying structure ;
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Digitalis is probably antagonistic to muscarin. Give twenty
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Objection XII. Sentiment. This objection may be found not only
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threatened to overwhelm it! These procedures may be repeated every
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are our present lights on the subject. However, science and
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in two blankets. If the temperature rose to 104° or 105°, the spray-
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though the latter contingency has rarely occurred to me personally, it
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surface under the influence of an antiseptic. The mercuric-chlorid solu-
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as the latter is the best substitute. Some contend that the sulphate of
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author. I believe that Schtiller' s original explanation that the pri-
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scheme of life is beginning to dawn on him. Whilst, for
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The fibrous layers of the corium have no capillaries, but at the
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a good apparatus at the University, and was, as a rule, very
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the ordinary intermittents. When the latter are not properly treated,