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ing sounds are heard, produced by secretions in the congested bronchial
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June 6th. He entered the service as Assistant Surgeon, August 1st, is-"^? ;
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ing sputa beini frothy and rather watery. Careful examination of the
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tion. If the advocate's deputy feels that there should be a
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by it, and that is opiimi. Few persons imderstand what it is in opium,
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past the guardians and some of the dispensary medical officers of the
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scope should be used to test which ureter is involved. Pyelitis is
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cases only. The deaths likewise showed diminution, having been T
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significant when it comes on in acute fevers, notably at tHe onset of
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Sir,— The Medical Act of 1858, which is the Act by which
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Claude Bernard demonstrated that there is a center in the medulla,
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precautions which had to be taken are remembered, and the
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«ny efficient assistance, himself to see to the removal of
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U%f 2M4 I'crii)cricarditi8, 287 — Bradycardia, 287 — Chronic Valvular Disease,
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tines, and which occur without being occasioned by drugs. Such cases
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The demonstrated seasonal relationships of pneumonia show this very
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to keep their hands in ice water, as in the preparation of vege-
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Antityphoid Inoculation. — Smallpox was formerly the terror and
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are very commonly great sufferers from neuralgic pains in the various
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tumor, and further examination showed that he had nimierous tumors
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many cases the intelligence is preserved to the last, the patient show-
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minor defects, the Palace Theatre may be well taken as a
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sense of fright. The worst example of the kind occurred in a patient
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subsultus tendinum, and the patients pass both the urine and feces in
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tion is responsible, for in these patients treatment for the gouty con-
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relieves nor aggravates it. It was noted in 13 cases with goiter and in
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the performance of tracheotomy ; and (3) the fact that
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which is characterized by a high blood-pressure, as the following his-