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mon. Mild catarrh was more often seen. Only the more

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named as specifics though they are incontestably superior

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potassium permanganate is necessary to disinfect each

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hand the bacillus prodigiosus and various pyogenetic germs if simul

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ment. forward the hock is raised and the stifle de

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authors there is no big blood clot to be found which

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the migration of rheumatic symptoms to the external musculature of

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prophylaxis must not only take into consideration what form can be

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Surgeon to the Out Door Department Bellevue Hospital.

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local condition is found no ulcer which would cause the spasmodic

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Another important factor in the apparent increase of in

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New England was for some years president of Harvard Col

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with several points giving fluctuation. It was a continuation of

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after compound fracture cases with successes although in

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ing and investigating carefully the Eetiology of disease as associated

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Dr. M. Price spoke of the frequency with which cases came

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page after page throwing the sheets on the floor with

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This is usually a serious condition on account of the infection

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liquefy very slowly and the superficial colonies have then quite an aber

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flatness reaches high on account of the enlargement of the conus arteriosus.

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preventing an acceleration up to this point. I should sug

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came near proving fatal. But for a precaution which

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The Committee further report that there are no outstanding liabilities

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Case I. Compound Fracture of Skull Paralysis from Depressed Bone

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Now let us turn from the general and constitutional

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of the Cortical Nerve Cell produced by the Toilne of Experimental

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that in two cases in which there were tubercles in the liver

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cases. Similarly I have been interested in cases of muscle abscess

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increases capacity for a better output of work which in turn reacts

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firmed by laboratory diagnosis at the Home Office Also

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France in which two periods of pyrexia were separated by a

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the State Hospital Council should develop its own rules

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At the executive session officers to serve for the ensuing

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with horses but not sufficiently to give much of an opinion upon

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