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sum of 315,000,000 fr., of whijh 200,000,000 fr. were be-

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ical College of Cincinnati were held May 6. Forty-two students

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rhosis of the liver. Persistent vomiting, malaria, parasites, — as trichina

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another is neither constant nor uniform ; and it often happens

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life. I am convinced that in the careful study and strict observ-

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Whereas, the Sebastian County Medical Society mourns

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fluenced by atmospheric changes, and does not yield to the

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Ver. V. Thiiringen, Weimar, 1890, xix, 219-237.— Labbe

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meningitis is almost invariably accompanied by a polynuclear hyper-

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..•M^^a,,. Mt,at>-.l In Jn,.r,„» of nu-rh...kan.Ml.omtnn„tv

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it was greater on "Wednesday (the next morning after I first saw him) than at

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tion, and which are apt to be erroneously ascribed to inflammation,

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laain; vast numbers were found in smears from the inner

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common gastro-intestinal symptoms, It is a plausible and

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bacilli corresponds with the experimental data on inoculation tubercu-

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As regards treatment in carcinoma and other new growths, all that can

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pressure is obtained, the mercury in the manometer will be seen to oscil-

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or spleen, although in the human female they are generally applied

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says the author, may act as a substitute for antitoxic medication, but it

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The committee appointed to draft a Memorial to the next Legisla-

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to a neglect of proper instruction at this turning point of their lives,

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differentiated by adding an equal quantity of distilled water and

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painful affection of the foot. Liverpool M..(Jhir. J., 1897,

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irregular ; certain hrownish corpuscles, apparently of vegeta-

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is a familiar disease characterized by the existence of a single

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so much quotation as to necessitate the reprinting of nearly the whole

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break of the medical rhyming disease. There is but one

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paratively exempt from the liability to typhus, and Murchison suggests that

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medicine, even though we know that our vision at such

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seen in this case, seated especially at the periphery' of the plaques,

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admitted from Plantation Model on Sth June, 1920, with the

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volumes planned for this series. An effort has been made to keep such duplica-

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according to the position in the mouth at which the mouth is modified to

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in which there is simply an abnormal growth of hair in

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in question by autoimmunisation with rennet, originating from the mucous

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many other portions of the body, ivhich have generally been thought