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carnosa is the innermost. The proper coats are also two :

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If we regard croupous pneumonia as an acute infectious

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of many bones which have been anchylosed or united at bad

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Nov. 14th. — From the time of my first visit up to the present

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Middlesex, aged flfty-seven years ; Dr. H. S. Harris,

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road accident has been brought in.' He finds in the accident

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replacing, injection of starch is good; then afterward sew up the opening

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of the latter gives it its white appearance and its name

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the girl who lived with him had said that the thought

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localisation is open, to which chapter the reader must be referred (p. 271).

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haemorrhage, universal in its distribution, but most marked over the

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It is also stated that the lecture-course begins the first

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American Academy of Medicine. — Preliminary program for the

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haunted for several hours each day by the figure of a black cat,

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would appear to be the treatment of choice; however, if there

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physicians and surgeons should be acquainted. The " clinics " include

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directions, he proposed to procure an electro-magnetic machine, and

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asphyxia, or more correctly speaking by apncea ['A = priv. + Trvt'w =

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thickness rather than length. There is considerable bowing of the radius

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know as well as I, the name and nature of each article that is

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ties. In the first place, Romberg, the eminent Professor of Medicine

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usually directs a glass of fluid magnesia to be taken half an hour before it.

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joint effect being turning of both eyes towards the side of the lesion, witli

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Examination. — Physical examination showed a short, solidly built woman,

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to say, that yellow fever has only once or twice occurred at a greater

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stones. The author has thought it advisable to include a somewhat

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brane, and even of the substance of the contained and protruded