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of health officers as required by law; copies of the vital statis-

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Gowers on a certain loss of power in the legs which is often to be seen

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For the same purpose the powder may also be given in doses

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Samples sent free. Specify PLANTEN'S CAPSULES on all orders. Sold by all Druggists.

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considerable value in the treatment of chronic cystitis. For this

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average width of the pleura, at this point, of four inches ; that

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cranium, we cannot do otherwise than admit the connexion between

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Chemically, fibrin differs but little from albumen ; whereas, the phy-

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When, from accidental causes, death does not occur till a remote

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since they do not need to be liquefied for inoculation and require no

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control the plant, employ and direct the butter maker and all help,

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along with a tracing of the respiratory movement of the thorax. Note that the beginning of

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. . . Every page of the book is good, and eminently

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It is not to be inferred that ulceration or other lesion of the intestinal

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the operation was uneventful, being without headache

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B. Health Systems Agencies — Encourage our physicians to

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Medicine; Dr. Garrod, of Materia Medica; Dr. Carpenter, of

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relieves headache. A good remedy for cold feet is the hot and cold

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Compresses, gauze, sublimated, 3! x 3 \ inches (one sewed

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The author claims the following advantages for early tapping in hepatic

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these cases was usually of a remittent type, ranging from 104°

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out without fatal results. If the artery were so gradually occluded by a

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those characterized by frequent paroxysms, it is an error in practice to per-

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mals with the sera of hypersensitive persons. On the other hand,

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of the scabs. There are two supernumerary pocks on forearm. The drawing was made 43 days

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The greater part of the remaining diseases are, from

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particular districts and even to particular buildings. It is reasonable to

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in the systems of metaphysics, should certainly dispose us to give a patient con-

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