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writers, such as emotional shocks, fright, worry, or anxiety or exposure
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the Masters of Jesus, Corpus Christi, Clare, Magdalene, St.
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cations to the Chairman of the Weekly Board by June 20th.
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membrane of the antrum and mastoid cells is simultaneously or con-
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equal to an annual rate of .3.4 per 1,000; in London the zymotic death-
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progressive. The patients are short breathed, on accoxmt of the
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had died from collapse following diarrhcea. In this case the
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record, the notes of five of which have been published, and I
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the use of lymph diluted in this way with glycerine is found
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tual independence in his pupils, and was never better pleased
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with symptoms and aneurysms without symptoms, facts which indicate
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We are, therefore, now better enabled to understand what the ori-
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Redland, Bristol: A. S. Pbbcival, M.B., 16, Ellison Place,
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therefore, in time break down and form large ulcers. The secretion
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looked at obliquely in a favorable light. Posteriorly, when pulsation
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tion of the parathyroids. In this coimtry tetany occurs chiefly among
eraa-j i[lJby-_.thb application op some of the fobms
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general result being tlie outcome, as it were, of two separate
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rally considered a priceless boon by this nervous and noise-
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can be greater than that a little artery should let blood escape into sur-
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to fall into it; lay cakes (?) of dates upon the upper side of
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In Graves' disease arterial pulsation is visible, not only in the
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which it occasions. In the first place, as just stated, this bacillus con-
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relation of the disappeaianceof fibroids to the menopause was
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92 per cent, of benign growth and a large proportion of
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subject to the supervision of the Council, and inferior to
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pustules, breaks out over the face and about the joints. It has been
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be true, as is Inherently not improbable, it may possibly
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with marked opisthotonos and a stoppage in breathing may occur.
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propel forward the stomach contents from left to right until tbey meet
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Witness added that he would prefer to see coffins of papier
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the upper part of the abdomen. It steadily increases in severity, is
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gards their further destiny under what form they enter the liver ; the
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■diagnostic. With regard to hospital accommodation, the 3,000
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through the Continental medical schools, picking up such
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Donald Gunn : Congenital Ophthalmoplegia Externa in Two
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these distressing cases has been the introduction of the arm into the
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on account of its furnishing the clew to the diagnosis, and that is to
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In order to judge whether under these circumstances the
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