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late Dr. Seaton, Sir George Buchanan, Dr. Thorne Thome,

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short time at lljraconibe, and was very much struck by the mild

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enclosed, the object of all of them being to prove that the working men

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of free medical relief in this country will never disappear

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tion, no definite rule could be laid down. In instances like

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(Uter): (2) dilatation of bloodvessels or« blood sinuses; (3)

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ous cases have also occurred in Lancashire and In and about Bir-

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Lancasliire Artillery, John' M. M. Thomas, 2nd Gloucestershire (the

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Remabks.— I think it highly probable that the abscess in

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English boys pre brave and enduring ; they are, generally

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tion 10,143 attending Poor-law schools, we find that there

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from measles, ll from whooping-cough, 3 from diphtheria, and 1 from

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tained from it hundreds of little stony concretions which

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hamis sufficient poison to bring on an attack of enteric ffver or cholera,

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acting drug contains in it an essence of wisdom, which leads

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Office would not be well advised if they discountenanced the