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of Dr. Clark. Dr. Gray certainly had no knowledge of the remedies which he was prescrib-
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to-day and makes a simple denial, not under oath, and expects this Council to believe it.
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that it would be impracticable to attempt to give a complete list.
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Dr. Barrick — I can corroborate every word that Dr. Bray has said. I have been on
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as a matter of the greatest economic importance, and has been stud-
taking 75 mg of zoloft
I knew him well at college. Like Saul of old, he towered above his fellow
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bridge an equal amount, and the Cambridge Visiting Nurse Association $1,000.
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the normal, or relatively normal standard. I have not, however,
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Clark had anything whatever to do with the procurement of the testimonials. It may be
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Perfect freedom to discuss homoeopathic therapeutics in any
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and only in selected cases and with due care at any time. Washing is only
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urged to have an operation, she refused. Finally, becoming in-
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to impart them to the inquiring child or youth, then that parent is perfectly
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know the precise cause. Pathological anatomy and clinical his-
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ture of 70 degrees for two minutes, under a pressure of 30 pounds
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hears the thanks of the invalid for health restored, and in the quiet
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what is not just and right — right and just not only for the profession, but right and just for
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The youth of the land cannot have instilled into their minds too
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would be necessary to have a by-law ; I think that was decided here, that an opinion was.
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Hydrastis is another remedy often indicated. The tongue is coated,
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