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is more regular and sustained, and often ends by crisis. This, of

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Formosa.® — Malaria and its sequelae, enlarged spleen,

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murmur. 2. That the murmur preceded the pulse and ended

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the nostrils smoky-looking. A brown, tough mucous, fuliginous coating

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As the principle, then, is precisely the same, whether the

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thus the heredity may be alcoholic and transmitted as a craving, or purely

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West Indies and British Guiana is known as Filaria demarquayi or

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Spartanburg County, and particularly Spartanburg Township, has

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erate amount of pressure over the distended bursa assures us

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insists that the philosophy of Martinus Scriblerus, is much

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would not collapse. The base was hard, a little elevated and red. In

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condition begin to suffer, from constant vomiting and from sleepless

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grey optic atrophy is by no means uncommon. In 130 consecutive post-

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The third and usually fatal stage is reached when bulbar symptoms <levelop

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description of the morbid anatomy of dysentery, as he saw it in

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is, of the highest importance. It is obvious that the

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the material that had been employed in their procuration; in

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" That a committee be appointed to consider and report to this

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there is much to warrant me in extending to you my congratu-

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is generally less universal dropsy. The urine may show variations in

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cause of the uncontrolled nature of these spontaneous reports, a causal relationship to BuSpar has not been

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of the patella, for example, we might discover by this

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right border at the right sternal margin. On auscultation there is a

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in carbohydrates, and never reaches 0.2% under normal condi-

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Now there are eleven cases on this table, of which four may fairly

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a case of this Datiire detailed by Dr. John' P. Mettauer, of Virginia, in

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The influence of curettement is confined to its palliative

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'her room, unable to find relief from this pain, which was burn-

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have given this preparation an extensive trial, and

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tion might be acquired, he said he had had medical students

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action is due to actual absorption, and not to inhalation. They

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elaborated a series of experiments with cocaine, care-

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pale though sometimes rosy, maintained immovably in the flexed or else

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ferred to the trachea, when traces of catarrhal inflam-

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For twenty-eight days all medicine intermitted; diet enforced, but,

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rules for amputation ; Antyllus and Heliodorus laid the ground-