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stant or definite lesion has ever been found in this disease and
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more abundantly in the urine from females owing to the large pro
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in per cent of our series of forty one cases the cholesterol figures
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growth under the most adverse circumstances however
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with a solution of chloride of sodium or of boric acid. When
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Yery inconsiderable means appear sometimes to have been sufficient to
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combination is useful in cases of heart disease accompanied by
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the man he had brought to the meeting Case might possibly be
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the direct control of the Swiss Government. The supervision of the Institute not
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permit the wetting of the hair. The towel should be
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which plate is boiled gives it a silvery whiteness.
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In another series three dogs received a dose twice as big
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wise recovered a good deal of vigour. When that indeed has
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threw a Httle doubt on the cerebellar nature of the lesion.
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other pertinent information received by the Bureau of
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vagina and carcinoma of the cervix or rectum. Under the term relative
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tion therefore presents itself was a new and specific disease communi
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difficult but it will be sufficient for our purpose
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Larkspurs many varieties and is closely related to the