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duced experimentally in animals by inoculation of pure cultures of the

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the patient lying on the back, as directed in Lect. Y., (p. 26;) and

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Its use was indicated where chloral hydrate was inapplicable on account of

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fee, $6.00 per Mj. Mj. or DMj. Autumn, Winter, and Spring, Associate Pro-

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more than from any other single locality is due probably to our interest in

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out in water at 65° -70°. It is repeated every hour,

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More Madden read a long and interesting paper on this subject. The tumors

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ing 15 minutes. Wash the resulting magma by decantation, using

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after the injection the patient became quiet. In thirty minutes was sleeping

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1902, Dr. Brimhall investigated an outbreak of cattle disease in

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On rising and retiring, and several times during the day, stand erect

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the Sepoy Mutiny in an attack on a fortified place not far from

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before entrance into the army. The majority of these men have per-

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A Scientific Blending of True Santal and Saw Palmetto in a

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hygienic laboratory of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service."

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in bronchitis.. Dr. Saundby thinks it next in importance to tur-

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Where no state is mentioned, Illinois is understood.

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to 30 per cent ; and there seems little doubt that the severity of the

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taught them, and are as ignorant of the practice of medicine as