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of the Medical Advisory Board, No. 43, United States Army. Dr.

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\_Read before the Maine Homoeopathic Medical Society^

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hospital contains 50 wards, occupying 4 floors. It will be

wellbutrin sr prescribing info

preventive procedure therefor, we are now to consider briefly

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foundly etherized. Partial etherization but destroys the ability to bear pain without

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party. This child has since excited the greatest curiosity, far

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The diagnosis is not difficult, provided due care is exercised and a thorough

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gery, Operative and Clinical Surgery, University, and Bellevue Hos-

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a gross injustice ; and doubly so, when we take into consideration

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their favorable action on the ills they are given to cure.

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some Mammals" (1902-03); "A Neuroepithelioma Developing from a Central

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