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stain with gold chloride. Nerve fibres may divide also
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Dr. Buchan says Would the rich use the same sort of food and
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Ill series. She has been cured of epilepsy since operation in November .
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Uppermost in my mind are feelings of gratitude that my
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naturally feel tempted to correct the deformity at once but I
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of direct transmission from one patient to another.
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even though the murmur disappears. Improvement in the muscular
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insisted on following him about whithersoever he went.
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muscular contraction makes its appearance in the form of a tumour.
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much as a spoonful of honey does by elevating the blood
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Edition of this excellent system of practical surgery edited by Dr.
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fresh air. By tapping the finger on the chest over the lungs
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ment of the soil. In this view the draining of swampy and
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