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such substances as Arsenic and Mercury may be able to arre amp t
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ity for mental work in relation to maturity and senility
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sarily prolonged all patients were seen daily after their drill by
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nant uterus felt in this manner is much larger than
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than from the bedside or operating theatre point of view
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tion caused a recurrence of the symptoms. Surgically cholecystostomy
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insisted on the necessity of employing surgery not as a dernier
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characterised by a marked prevalence of A inds from westerly
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These attacks usually followed a period of prolonged fatigue from
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The viability or infecting power of the virus is still another factor
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This Bpring is located in the southwestern portion of
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P. M. he had the first convulsion followed by another in
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so much so in fact that he is unable to mention as having
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the power of speech and upon one occasion retention of urine occurred.
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Vegetable diet increases and animal food diminishes the volume of
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Gary Francis MD PhD Uniformed Seiwices University of the Health Sciences Bethesda MD
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years. His practice was large and he was highly respected.
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tomy. The kidney was brought to the surface with great ease
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Hodes of Infection. In the outer world tetanus bacilli are found to
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majority of cases the condition of the digestive apparatus decides the
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reaction done by competent men has given positive results in cases where no
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so much on the existence and situation of lesions as on their
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vessel occurred as a result of the rough calcareous plates found in the
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in epileptic seizures in essentially the same form. Evidently therefore the
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Maria Nuovn. It is said to be about ten per cent. but I
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Effect of Exercise. Since the experiments of Chauveau and
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have studied. There are also granules present in the blood
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Among the remedies used by the school of Hademacher
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