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advanced cases there may exist involvement of the submucous tissue

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coughing. The child may become very much exhausted even to a

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single case of fever at this post during this month.

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Acute inflammation of the thyroid gland in a child of

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organism of the dog produces in a few hours singular corneal opacities.

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The abuse of the teeth is due to depraved hygiene not to

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Since the convalescence of my patient I questioned her

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This was a case of a patitent who suffered from dysmenorrhea of

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disappeared between the fourteenth and the eighteenth days. Of the five

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Sodium Salicylate and Theocin on Renal Functions in Acute

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by means of cold water compresses. Where there has been great loss

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he has completed at any other Licensing Body except the Final.

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copious extravasation of blood in the subcutaneous tissue and in the

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