situation. The case should be regarded as one of commencing
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On admission he was very restless held his hands to his head with
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of the intestinal mucous membrane after death in such cases Mor
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who deservedly has the highest esteem of the representatives
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routine in intra cranial diseases instancing optic neuritis as sometimes
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centration of a man s best powers on a single object.
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Court not sooner than thirty nor later than forty days after the last
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cavity. He thought the case now that he had obtained and seen
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application of cold water is indicated only in active hypersemia
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was a fertile source of future trouble. Tlie cases he had observed
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candidates and grant them a license to practise their
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was no anesthetic no other anodyne than loving confidence that
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Some of these cases will give a very short history comparatively.
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diaphysis and the epiphysis has been greatly increased the whole
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looking the fact that we meet with cases of arterio selerosis which
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Of calculi of infrequent occurrence from the urinary tract of
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equally divided between the cardiac and pyloric portions.
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synovial and other ti.ssues with conseijuent shrivelling gt of the
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velopment of an asthma would ye a most curious phe
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grow into the substance of the filter which finally becomes a culture
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Dr. Post found great bowing of the thighs with the con
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phatic glands or to other tuberculous masses especially
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promoting growth of Bacillus influenzcB in dilutions as high as
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