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Sir John Forbes in his defence of nature justly remarks that

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present method of operating it would still in my opinion be open to

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How ineffective is frequently the treatment of fever or indeed of

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by inoculation itself from pure pus examples in which

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rarily incapacitated from using the ordinary solid meat.

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opinions he would beg to differ from Dr. Winters in some

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Baroirthy j r Baron has lately brought forward a new hypothesis

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sixty years ago that four fifths of the people of Great

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book on horseshoeing. The work promises to become a very

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It may be profitable to review here what the labora

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under observation until their blood is free from trypano

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menstrual blood.. Routine histological technique of the

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duties as director of the physical department of the

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in the neighborhood of the Gasserian ganglia no doubt has some significance

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The periodicity of menstruation also varies physiologically

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had undergone this change. This statement is not easy

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The activity of the several salts differs according to their solu

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knee wrist and elbow jerks were exaggerated on the paretic side.

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hundred eyes for hyperopia and astigmatism are given.

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and thoughts of the active members of the Society as presented

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not found no evidence is brought to show that tuberculosis plays any