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more dangerous than this are the small escapes during
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The examination of the patient is a most important therapeutic
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by Dr. Ira Van Giesen. He said that the Pasteur method
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checking those chills which so frequently usher in febrile and
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tempted with the uterine sound or other intra uterine redresser.
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The relative constancy of bodily sensations the continuity of the somato
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erinary inspectors and Prof. Lienaux. The experiments were
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runs. Senior Kevin Varney and freshman Frank Conley led
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cumstances either a few minutes or even two or three years after
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bacilli but only one of them was moderately virulent for cattle.
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deeper part of the external auditory canal without resort
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Dr. Polaillon who is a great partisan of intra uterine
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ratio has increased to. per cent. and the condition becomes steadily
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Edwards is now examining candidates for aviation in the Mexican
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result of not advancing the head after half an hour of traction.
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tration of pituitary extract in the treatment of acromegaly is without
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periments on the repair was not perfected until about
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progress and requested an extension of time to furnish a report which was
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water out by perspiration and the grain adheres to the skin
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After cleansing the cavity the punch was applied to the root of the
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But as the scab in sheep proceeds chiefly from poor di
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kali iodide and nitrate aqua calcis cod liver oil alcohol silver
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immediately upon going on board in a well ventilated apartment or
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a peritonitic exudate and conversely a localized col
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of the alimentary canal are distinct diseases has been suf tivdjibown
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tencies to felecl and combine with them the new embryon
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escaped. The nature of the disease being now evident the o gt ening
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upon topics pertaining to their profession is much smaller than
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behalf of the medical profession by Sir James Sawyer who
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motor centres of Ferrier. They base their views first on the fact that