apply three times a day the alum and boric acid solution
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by an affirmative vote of not less than five members of the
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advantages of Sobernheim s method over that of Pasteur are its safety
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puce and penis which sometimes extends to the first portion of the
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line of water supply waste disposal and drainage The complete aban
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which examination must have been made since December .
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exophthalmos but no sign of intoxication. She had become very obese.
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extended six inches above the pubes and was five inches broad.
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the consanguinity tables comprise m rriages of cousins
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stiffness is not noticeable. The spaces beneath the quadriceps tendon the
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timidity of the patient or for any other reason the toxic
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Such advance w ork should be done by assigning only one
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cord by those organisms of the disease which escape the initial treat
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trachoma in which the microbes were not mischievous.
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with a healthy bladder and was in fit shape for a radi
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In cases of extra cardial bradycardia any attempt to accelerate
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The medical acceptability of soft contact lens wear by
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ric stones proceed. But the facts that have been collected have
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this notion I examined his blood in which red corpuscles were
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times clay colored etc. Blood is rarely passed. Regard
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and inebriates. It was stated that there were prisoners in
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cases electricity has been found less useful and even